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Local history Day at the Freedom Center

September is International Underground Railroad Month. The Cincinnati Underground Railroad Freedom Center is celebrating on September 10th from 10-4 by inviting local citizen historians to set up displays and be available to talk about our local abolitionist history. This is a Fifth Third Foundation Free Family Sunday and all are encouraged to attend. with
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September Is International Underground Railroad Month!

International Underground Railroad Month acknowledges the significance of the interracial Underground Railroad for its contribution to the eradication of slavery in the United States and as a cornerstone for the civil rights movement that continues today in the Black Lives Matter movement.  College Hill had an active community of abolitionists who were agents on the
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From Abolition to BLM

At 5920 Hamilton Avenue in College Hill, there is a pop-up museum exhibit entitle “The Journey Continues: from Abolition to Black Lives Matter” It is in a showroom window and is visible from the sidewalk and will be open through November 7, 2020. It commemorates International underground Railroad Month and focuses on the interracial networks
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Cary Sisters event tomorrow

Alice and Phoebe Cary were sisters who were growing up in Cincinnati while Harriet Beecher Stowe was here and devoted their lives to literature and social reform, including abolition and women’s rights. We’ll explore their literary and political similarities and differences with Harriet and her work. Discussion led by Dr. Kristen Renzi and Dr. John Getz
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Sewing now and in 1846

Cincinnati’s sewing response echoes history3/24/20202 CommentsDays ago, SewMasks4Cincy was organized as a virtual sewing group to address the shortage of masks for the brave souls in the front lines of the battle against coronavirus.  The people behind this effort have struck a chord, bringing together friends, neighbors, strangers–everyone and anyone who can take matters into their own
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Ida B. Wells Documentary

The Harriet Beecher Stowe House Reading SeriesThe Semi-Colon Club was a literary discussion group Harriet joined while living in Cincinnati.  Our Semi-Colon Club discusses the issues that make up Harriet’s legacy–from the 19th century until the present day. ​Discussions begin Saturdays at noon and are led by Barbara Furr, HBSH Board Member and former Walnut
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Harriet Tubman Myths

A movie to be released Thursday, October 31st, will challenge many of the myths that surround Harriet Tubman. In the version of American history that is taught in our schools and featured in children’s literature, Tubman has always been one of the few African-Americans associated with the Underground Railroad.   “Few figures in American history have been
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Author speaks about her new booklet

July 13, 2019   Our newest publication, John Hatfield Barber, Deacon, Abolitionist, was written for the Hatfield family and researchers. There are two versions available on our current publication page—a version of the story and an expanded version with more genealogical information. I’m going to interject myself into the story now, something I don’t usually
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“Must read” book

Fergus M. Bordewich’s 2005 book, Bound for Canaan: the War for the Soul of America is being mentioned now as one of the “must reads” on the Underground Railroad. I found an intreging review from the May 30th, 2005 New Yorker magazine: In the first years of the nineteenth century, most runaway slaves didn’t get
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Bizarre Foods and the Escape of the 28

The story of  the Escape of the 28 is featured in an episode of Bizarre Foods currently airing on the Travel Channel.  Check the Travel Channel website  for showings of “Underground Railroad” episode or watch it on You Tube.  Many local and regional historians and food experts appear in the show–the Wainscotts, Kristin Kitchen, Carl
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