List of Abolitionists Cincinnati 1842

Cincinnati Post & Anti Abolitionist

Sat.  March 26, 1842

Publisher: L. Greely Curtis

List of Abolitionists of Cincinnati, OH


Thomas Morris   Attorney-at-Law

G. Bailey, Jr.   Editor  Philanthropist

Samuel A. Alley   Printer

Rev. Wm. Brisbane   Baptist

Rev. J. Blanchard   6th Presbyterian Church

James Dean   shoemaker

George D. Fry   Sec. Anti Slavery Society

Harvey Hall   Attorney-at-Law

E. F. Bush

D. DeForest   tin shop & hardware store, 5th st.

C. Donaldson   iron store   Main st.

David Williams

Wm. Carson     planing machinery   Front st.

C. M. Merrell

N. H. Merrell

S. P. Chase   Attorney-at-Law

Samuel Lewis

Amos Moore   tanner   Elm st.

H. Miller   stove store   4th st.

A. Kellogg   auctioneer   5th st.

Murphy & Son   grocery   corner 5th & Western Row

A. W. Hicks   formerly shoemaker

Wm. Birney   notary public   corner Main & 4th st.

Burnet & Sons   confectionary   5th st.

E. B. Howells   Commercial Bank

Joseph Coppen   ship joiner   on Ludlow between Congress & Trid

T. Saiter   dentist, druggist   Broadway

Joseph Gilman   Yawl builder   Fulton

Dr. Towler   Fulton

A. H. Ernst   Spring Garden

Geo. H. King   blacksmith   4th near Western Row

Samuel Davis   carpenter   5th near Western Row

Dr. Archibald Miles

Benj. G. Childs   Yawl builder   near canal

M. French   stove manufacturer

Ezra Stiles   foreman at French’s factory

Wm. Clauson   bedstead manufactory   corner Race & 2nd st.

George McCullough  & Thomas Heath    grocers   corner Main & 1st st.

Joseph Wilson (?)    #7 Sycamore

Wm. A. M?

?  ?erkin   chair manufactory   Plum, Longworth & 6th st.

Rev. Francis Wilcom

Col. Rees E. Price   farmer   Symmes Twp.

E. Nevers   copperplate engraver

Robert Kemp   deacon   Baptist Church

George Smith

Hugh P. Glascow   carpenter

Moses Glascow

Wm. Dearlove   agent    Philanthropist

Wm. Tanner   blacksmith   9th between Main & Sycamore

Abraham Gibson   cooper   Broadway above 8th

J. B. Hearne   Attorney-at-Law

George M. Allen

C. S. Burdsal added to abolitionist list

“This list will be continued with new additions from week to week until perfected.

Our friends in the South will know what use to make of it.”





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