The History Ladies

The History Ladies with LEn Webb and Bridget Striker, Local History Librarian at the Boone County Library

The History Ladies on a field trip with Len Webb and Bridget Striker, Local History Librarian at the Boone County Library


This website is a product of many hours of research and online discussions as well as a few lunches and cups of tea. We hope to hear from you with your responses, more details, new research and your ideas as to how to continue to make this history come alive.

Executive Committee/History Ladies:  Karen Arnett, Kathy Dahl, Diana Porter, Lisa Schumann and Betty Ann Smiddy

Hamilton Avenue Road To Freedom  brought together a diverse and committed group of people who worked together to produce a Living History event on September 21, 2013 as a part of the College Hill Bicentennial–re-enactors, researchers, volunteers and members of the historical societies who all want to deepen their understanding of the work of the Underground Railroad along Hamilton Avenue and the primary role of people of color in this movement to end slavery.   We want to uncover new local stories and keep these stories alive for generations to come.   We dedicate this work to the many early residents and activists along Hamilton Avenue who were a part of the the much larger Abolitionist Movement.



Special thanks to the College Hill HIstorical Society, Mt. Healthy Historical Society, North College Hill Historical Society, Northside Community, Deanda Johnson, Midwest Director of U.S. Park Network to Freedom, Bridget Striker, Boone County Library, Mark  Porter Webb who assisted in the web design, our friends in the Corridor to Freedom and the  many enthusiastic volunteers who have helped in this process.

Corridor To Freedom meeting

Corridor To Freedom meeting

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