Ohio Female College

Ohio Female College was opened in 1846 and offered a number of educational choices.  If a female students was college ready, she could enroll in a college course and earn a degree. It also offered a preparatory academy.Ohio_Female_College

Mary Wilson Pyle lived next door to the the college.  After her husband  George Pyle, an abolitionist Presbyterian minister, met his untimely death,  she taught Botany and was the Matron of Ohio Female College. The Philanthropist editor and Liberty Party Presidential candidate James G. Birney sent his daughter, Florence, from Michigan to attend to school At OFC.

U. S. Supreme Court Justice John McLean served as the first president of the Board of Trustees, as did Samuel F. Cary. The Ohio Female College was the equivalent institution to Farmers’ College, graduating young women with an education that included chemistry, geography, and writing.


The Ohio Female College had only a short history.  After a fire in 1868,it was rebuilt but closed permanently in 1872. In 1873, it  opened as the Cincinnati Sanitarium, the first private psychiatric facility
west of the Allegheny Mountains.

The beautiful Ohio Female College site in College Hill is now the site of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

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