Liberty Party Roll 1841 Hamilton County

From the Philanthropist, 5 May 1841, list of signers in advance of 12 May 1841 convention for Hamilton County. The list itself numbers over 320 signatures from Hamilton County. The information next to some of the names, indicates the source that documents their location within the county.

Colerain Twp.

Lewis Hatt,

Wm. Hatt, 1840 census

Daniel Isigg,

Henry H. Isigg

Eli Scull,

Jacob Scull,

Wm. Scull,

James Scull, 1840 census

Samuel J. Pouder, 1850 census, farmer, his barn stop on UGRR

Henry Deats, 1840 census

Stephan Barnes, farmer, 1850 census


Springfield Twp.


Samuel V. Roll,

Josiah Roll a carpenter, 1850 census ;

John Roll farmer, 1850 census

Peter J. Laberteaux,

Wm. Laberteaux, 1850 census

Joseph Urmston (Sam. In 1850 census)

Isaac Lane, Aaron Lane Jr., 1840 & 1850 census, did not find J. S. Lane

Reuben Raymond, 1830 census, Mt. Pleasant

Charles G. Miller, 1850 census, turner, later a pattern maker

Wm. Preston, 1840 census John N. Wilson, 1830 census, Mt. Pleasant

Green Twp.


R. G. Kendall,

J. T. Kendall

John Craig. 1850 census, farmer

W. Hubbard, 1840 census


Millcreek Twp.

A. Grant, 1840 census, 1850 census Springfield Twp.;

Josiah Grant College Hill 1850 census. Alason and Josiah both owned the omnibus and ran the post office.

Z. Strong, College Hill

F. G. Cary,

Wm. Cary, College Hill

Thomas Emery, Cincinnati (yes, that Emery)

George M. McCullough, 1840 census, 1850 census, merchant

James C. Ludlow Tunis Cock/Cook, College Hill

W. Crary, College Hill, related to the Carys

Daniel B. Thomas, 1850 census, carpenter, College Hill, lived next to the Samuel Wilson family

John Grey, 1840 census, Cincinnati

Sycamore Twp.

William Runyon, 1840 census

John Vansandt, 1840 census

Crosby Twp.

Richard Hannaford, 1840 census G. I. Rude, 1840 census

Miami Twp.

A. L. Bushnell, 1840 census; could not find A. or H. Bushnell


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