valentine 1851 b. harrison

1851 Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day 2014.  Will you save the valentines you get today?   Will you get a valentine from someone who might someday become president?  Helen L. Kemper kept this valentine she received from Benjamin Harrison in 1851 when he was a student at Miami University.  Two years later he married Dr. Scott’s daughter, Caroline Scott
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Mary Shadd Cary

How many black abolitionists can you name?

 Despite the increased renewal of interest in abolitionism, blacks have largely been absent from these portrayals. In Lincoln, black opposition to slavery was kept to a few scenes; PBS’ The Abolitionists profiled only one black abolitionist,Frederick Douglass; and in 12 Years a Slave, abolitionists are all white, ignoring even Solomon Northup’s role fighting slavery and demanding reparations after
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The Crawford Home that was demolished to make room for the College Hill Library and Pleasant Hill Academy

The Mystery of John T. Crawford

Thanks to John Johnson for a very nice article in the Sunday, Feb. 9th Enquirer “The mystery of John T. Crawford” on pages AA14-15.  There is so much more to be told so we will post a new page under College Hill with more information about Mr. Crawford.    He bought his farm here in
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Rev. Jonathan Cable

Rev. Jonathan Cable

Liberator (Boston, Mass.)  Dec. 31, 1847 The New School Presbyterian Synod of Indiana, have declared against Slavery by resolving unanimously that it should be made a disciplinary offense by the church. This noble decision on the part of that body, may be credited to the indefatigable labors of the Rev. Jonathan Cable; the only minister
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A portion of Hamilton Avenue in Mt. Healthy renamed to commemorate local abolitionist Charles Cheney.

Charles Cheney Way on Hamilton Avenue in Mt. Healthy honored local abolitionist

In 1999 the Mt. Healthy City Council renamed a portion of Hamilton Avenue at Compton Road to commemorate Charles Cheney, who lived in Mt. Healthy (then Mt. Pleasant) from 1835-1847 or 1848. He was twice a candidate of the antislavery Liberty Party for state office. In later years his son Frank Woodbridge Cheney recounted Charles’
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Following The Underground Railroad Route To Canada

Last August, my husband an I decided that we wanted to travel some of the route that the escaping “28” travels in 1853.  It is 364 miles from Cincinnati to Windsor, Ontario.  In Ann Arbor, we met Deborah Meadows from the African-American Cultural and Historical Museum of Washtenau County.  Deborah graciously took us on a
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sandwich church

Researching in Sandwich

I happened to be in Sandwich, Ontario on a Sunday.  I thought that maybe the Sandwich Baptist Church might be holding services and that I might be able to meet people who knew the history of the church.  The church is where the “28” crossed into Canada and held a celebration.   I am so
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Visit to Parkersburg, Kentucky

On the search for the whole Escape of the 28 story, members of the Living History committee visited with Boone County Librarian, Bridget Striker.  She took us on a tour of Petersburg and showed us the most likely path of the freedom seekers from the Parker Farm to the river banks where they crossed.

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