The Problem of Slavery in a Time of Emancipation

David Brion Davis will be at the Freedom Center next week (for details see events on the right).  Read a review by Brenda Wineapple  of his newly published book in a recent New York Times Book Review   to get a glimpse at what Dr. Davis will be speaking about.

Dr. Davis’s larger argument is that  “Abolitionism was not monolithic in makeup or in motivation.”  “Black emigrationists were not the same as white colonizationists, nor was black nationalism that same as white nationalism.”  “Black abolitionists like James Forten, Richard Allen and Samuel Cornish demanded an integrated American society, and by the 1830’s the American abolition movement had evolved into an energetic, biracial movement.”   We are so fortunate to have the Freedom Center in our community who can bring in national scholars and writers and make them available to the community.

Slave poster

Slave poster

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