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John Hatfield and his land in Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio

[Betty Ann Smiddy has put together a background history of the black settlement Carthagena, in Mercer County Ohio. This serves as helpful context and supplement to Smiddy’s recent booklet Hatfield: Barber, Deacon, Abolitionist. Mercer County was young when Dorcas Moore and her eight children presented emancipation papers[1] from Harrison County Kentucky, recorded Dec. 30, 1830
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Rev. Jonathan Cable

Liberator (Boston, Mass.)  Dec. 31, 1847 The New School Presbyterian Synod of Indiana, have declared against Slavery by resolving unanimously that it should be made a disciplinary offense by the church. This noble decision on the part of that body, may be credited to the indefatigable labors of the Rev. Jonathan Cable; the only minister
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