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The story of theEscape of the 28 successful escape of twenty-eight freedom seekers from Boone County, Kentucky through College Hill and on to freedom in Canada.


Betty Ann Smiddy and Diana Porter, 2013.







Harriet Wilson wrote a letter to Dr. W.H. Siebert in 1892 in rEscape of the 28esponse to his “underground railroad circular”. This important letter documents abolitionist activity in College Hill during the 1840-1850s.

Annotations by Betty Ann Smiddy and Diana Porter







The story of John Hatfield, black abolitionist from Cincinnati. (print version)Escape of the 28

Betty Ann Smiddy, 2019







Detailed genealogy of the John Hatfield family, written for the international reunion of the Hatfield family in Texas, 2018.

Betty Ann Smiddy, 2019

Escape of the 28