2014 book by Edward Baptist

The Half That Has Never Been Told

    Edward Baptist’s  “The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery And The Making Of American Capitalism”  is getting attention since last month when the Economist published a piece on its website saying that slavery was not so bad.  They have been forced to take it down from their website. Mr. Baptist argues in his new book that the historical mis-teaching
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Six Underground Railroad sites Recognized

Congratulations to the following local applicants who were accepted for inclusion in the Network to Freedom (U.S. Park Service) in the twenty-eighth round of applications.The committee reviewed the applications on September 10, 2014 at the Penn Center, St. Helena Island, South Carolina: Charles Cheney Home Site [site] Kirby Avenue Corridor (Escape Route of the 28) [site]
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historical society represented at Witherby Meadows opening

Witherby Meadows

  Witherby Meadows, the site of the 2014 Citirama,  is named for the Witherby Family who once owned a large farm on both sides of Belmont Avenue.  A part of this farm is the site of this year’s Citirama. Rev. Danforth Witherby was a traveling preacher who moved his family to this farm in 1802.
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Samuel Fenton Cary

College Hill Connections to Cary, N.C.

This year – 2014 – marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of a man without whom Cary, North Carolina would not be named Cary.  Samuel Fenton Cary is the man for whom this town was named because of his strong prohibitionist views. Samuel Fenton Cary grew up in College Hill when it was a farming community near
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Slave poster

The Problem of Slavery in a Time of Emancipation

David Brion Davis will be at the Freedom Center next week (for details see events on the right).  Read a review by Brenda Wineapple  of his newly published book in a recent New York Times Book Review   to get a glimpse at what Dr. Davis will be speaking about. Dr. Davis’s larger argument is
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a local article on Cheney

    I was so excited to have found the Frank Woodbridge Cheney manuscript with new information on Cheney (see page on website), and naming a Black conductor on the “Railroad”, that I wrote this article for the local paper. It was published today as a guest column. Click here to link to the article.
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